Why Has Windows 10 still Not Surpassed Windows 7?

Visitor Data on the website of the United States Government has been reported to show that Windows 10 has overtaken Windows 7. However, it was noted that the information was exceedingly twisted to Microsoft’s consumers. After analyzing the report from various sources, the conclusion came out to be a bad news for Microsoft. The company’s latest desktop operating system still hasn’t beaten up the usage of its older version of Windows 7. The data from online sources reveal the figure that tells that there’s a substantial gap between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Depending on the data of growth rate, Windows 10 was expected to exceed its market share than Windows 7 by the end of the year. On an estimate, Microsoft exposed 600 million users for Windows 10 in November and was considering a hike from that data of past months. According to that, it was expected that the number of users will gradually increase to 800 million users. Also, a firm released that Windows 7 lost .04% of market shares in December and now have 43.08% of shares. Whereas, Windows 10 received a rise in shares of .98% but now has slanted down to 32.93%. Surprisingly, other Windows versions are still alive in the market, such as Windows XP at 5.18% and Windows 8.1 at 9.21% of shares.

However, other firms have their calculations for the market share of Microsoft. So basically, all these stats will give only estimated hints about users likings and not a clear graph of the shares unless Microsoft will officially reveal the data.

Has Upgraded Version of Windows 10 received any raise?

Though Windows 10 has made significant changes, it still hasn’t overtaken 7. Adding photo app feature to OS that allows a perfect app for checking out pictures, a user can create personalized videos from your own media. Noted that the performance of the app is a bit deprived than other video editors but it can still be used for creating basic videos. Moreover, it has been noted a major frailer in the operating system. If you are among the users of Windows 10 and facing security issues, you can directly contact to Window 10 Customer Support to get easy assistance.

Another privacy issue occurred for the operating system as it has started to ask inbuilt tester their phone numbers. Back in December, it was reported that while you do a fresh install of Windows 10 inbuilt 17063, users can directly navigate to the screen but it requires users to fill their phone number and the options don’t come with a Skip button. Since the operating system has upgraded with the older version, a user might struggle while performing some steps, in such cases, a user should dial Window 10 Toll-free Number.

Window 10 Customer Support to fix Startup Repair issue

Even when you follow all the instructions with the upgraded version of the OS, is it faces issues while completing the process. Also, many users want to keep the automatic update from installing again, they are having troubles in this case as well. If you are facing any problem to run startup repair on Windows 10 OS, or the start repair fails, read the whole message that displays on your screen or just contact to Window 10 Toll free Number.

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