Use Your Voice to Control Windows 10

Voice control proves to be a useful approach to overcome work done swiftly.Windows 10 has an in-built feature Cortana that answer to questions and searches for apps in a fast way. This Voice Control feature is widely praised by the users.

Here, we will explore the capabilities of Cortana and also setup Windows Speech Recognition.

  1. In Cortana search bar, type Windows Speech Recognition and then to open click it.
  1. To begin, press next in the prompt Window.
  1. Press next after selecting your mike. These will work smoothly for devices having in-built mics or Laptops.
  1. For placement of microphone do as directed by the on-screen instructions, once prepared click next.
  1. For regulation of microphone, study the pop-up on the screen and then click next.
  1. Permission to review of mails and documents by your system to understand your voice well is your choice.
  1. For activation and deactivation of the service, you can simply click Ctrl + Windows or choose an activation mode in which if you command “Stop Listening”, the Window Speech Recognition will turn off.To easily access the commands that Windows understands, print the speech recognition card.
  1. Either you have to enable it yourself using the control panel or select Speech Recognition at the starting time.
  1. By looking this tutorial, end the setup.

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