How to Virtual Touchpad manifest On Windows 10

Useful information for Windows 10 tablet users, they can now manage their device without using mouse easily, even when connected to another device. This is because Windows 10 Creators Update v1703 had provided a feature named Virtual Touchpad. Users of Windows 10 v1702 can easily have this Virtual Touchpad on their monitor display just by clicking the button having option Show Touchpad.

Windows 10 displays Virtual Touchpad

Microsoft had designed the Virtual Touchpad specially to ease the Windows 10 tablet user’s life by providing the mouse alternate. A virtual touchpad will appear on the display of your tablet enabling your device to attach to a larger screen, once activated.

Right clicking on the taskbar > select Show Touchpad button listed under the menu options, to make the Touchpad button visible either in the notification area or system tray of Windows 10.

A Touchpad icon on windows can be found in the taskbar’s lower right portion, close to the extreme right notification area of the taskbar, where icon for Action Center with icon of Pen Workspace can also be seen.

To make the Virtual Touchpad enable to use and visible on the display of your tablet, you just need to tap on icon of Virtual Touchpad.

Just by dragging the available on-screen touchpad across the display, you can move and place it at a preferred position. For Scrolling, you can use gestures of Windows 10 and for tapping and pointing drags your finger on the touchpad simply.

On one’s tablet, settings of Virtual Touchpad can also be organized similarly as physical touchpad settings that one was using. Example: Simply search and move to the settings section, choose the ‘Devices’ and after that select the sensitivity option to adjust your Virtual Touchpad’s sensitivity.

It is important to know that to activate the Virtual Touchpad, you must need a touch-enabled device. The feature is not perfectly transparent is the only demerit of it. Hence, having a small tablet and using Landscape mode of orientation will show as if quite a part of your display is taken by the touchpad.

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