How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error 901, 930, 970, 200, 20, 122 and 947?

Lexmark is one of the popular manufacturers of computer peripherals including printers. Lexmark printers come up with a smart chip installed in its ink cartridge. This simply means you cannot refill your empty cartridge with a third-party refill kit. Thankfully, you can use chip reset devices to make other refill kits compatible with your Lexmark printer.

The brilliant Lexmark printers are known for offering high-quality printing. However, this doesn’t mean you will not face an issue with them. And even a single error can halt the entire printing job, making you sit idle. The most common printer errors include paper jamming, empty paper trays and other printing issues. At times, your printer may display the error in the form of a code, which makes it really difficult to understand and then troubleshoot, especially for a novice.

What a user left with is browsing so many websites to find the meaning of that error code. But we have made it really simple by providing you the entire information about these common errors. In this article, you can find the meaning of Lexmark error codes and a perfect solution to get them fixed.

Lexmark Printer Error 901

Temporary glitches in the engine can cause this issue. It means the system code program is defected.

Solution- To troubleshoot this error, turn off your printer and them turn it on after four to five minutes. If it doesn’t work, then replace the system board without a delay.

Lexmark Printer Error 930

Installation of the wrong printing head is the root cause of error 930.

Solution- Replace the head immediately. Make sure you buy the new printing head that is compatible with your specific Lexmark printer.

Lexmark Printer Error 970

It indicates that the fan in your printer is facing some issues due to inadequate power supply and improper shutdown.

Solution- To fix this error, check the power cables, system board and fan of the printer. Replace them if required.

Lexmark Printer Error 200 or Lexmark Printer Error 20

Your printer will display these two errors when there is a problem with the input paper sensor. Another reason could be the jamming of the paper at the sensor.

Solution-Check the paper tray and pickup rollers and replace them immediately, if cracked.

Lexmark Printer Error 122

Lexmark printer displays this error if the fuser is not heating to the required limit or heating too quickly.

Solution- Your printer’s fuser requires an immediate service check.

Lexmark Printer Error 947

A failure in the printer’s engine board can cause error 947

Solution- It can be fixed only by replacing the engine.

If you are facing an issue that has not been aforementioned, then contact our Lexmark printer support number for an immediate help by a certified technician.

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