How to Fix a Printer’s Problem by Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Dell, a multinational computer technology company is well known for its innovations in chain supply of printers and other electronics built products, including. Allowing an easy interface to their users, the company’s devices are easy to operate and require less maintenance. Above all functionalities of Dell products, some failures or technical glitches possibly occur during the performance.

Considering Dell printers, though they are entirely customized and perform multiple tasks yet they sometimes fail to perform commanded actions. For delivering high-quality output, Dell colour printers are widely preferred. Whether if it used for official works or personal, Dell printers offer the user advanced options to make the entire job of printing smoother and hassle-free.

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Addressing the best feature of Dell computers, their wireless laser printers have a vast range of mobile printing features and also execute high-resolution prints. The wireless laser printer also has excellent portable capabilities and allows Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking options. Apart from this, the company also offers all-in-one printers with the help of which you can copy, scan and print a document without using three different devices. While on the other hand, Dell inkjet printers give quality results at a lower initial cost.

Beyond all these qualities that a printer holds, there are multiple errors like faulty paper feed device by indicating an incorrect message of insufficient papers even if you have inserted papers of recommended limit and so on. Also, if you are using your printer frequently for taking prints in a bulk, then it is possible that the printer stops functioning for totally unknown reasons.

How will you manage to fix the problem if you are in an urgent need of printouts? You can either visit to a technician or simply reach out to the Dell printer online support. Before you take your printer to a technician, it is never a bad idea to fix the problem manually.

 Make sure to check whether the error can be fixed by following these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Improperly plugged adapter

Ensure that the wire is properly plugged in and check the wall extension plug. It is possible that the cord may get loose and fail to connect. If your power control is firmly connected to both the printer and the wall extension and you are still facing issues, try to replace the power adapter. It is possible that the main fault is caused by the adapter. Also, make sure that the wall socket passes recommended ampere current.

     2 Paper jamming issue

Printers sometimes don’t accept papers that cause a stuck while printing. There could be several reasons for a paper jamming problem even if you are using one of the best models of Dell printers.

  1. Crumpled paper

Make sure that the paper you are using is not crumpled or torn; this will lead the printer to stop printing. Take out papers that are not uniform and place new papers. Proceed to next if the problem still occurs.

  1. Excess amount of paper

Exceeding the number of paper than recommended on the manual can cause this problem. Inserting too many sheets of paper in the paper support rump generate the jam in the printer to jam. Check for the number of papers requires to be inserted at once and take out the extras.

  1. Spooling issue

Passing commands to the printer before it completes its first assorted task can lead to the spooling problem. The printer usually shows this problem either when the software is not completely loaded or gets overloaded. You may solve the problem by cancelling all the commands given to the printer and if it doesn’t work, you can try control panel.

 To fix the spooling issue, you need to go to the Control Panel and click Printers & Faxes. Selection Printers option, choose Add/Remove Programs, and try to re-install the software.

If the problem doesn’t fix after completing all the above steps, you can directly get assistance from Dell printer online support or talk to their executive by calling on Dell Printer Customer support.

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