AVG Antivirus to Protect Your Android from the effects of Loapi Malware

According to a research, a critical new Android Trojan has started appearing in multiple app stores. It has been observed that the malware has several different abilities and it functions so intensely to damage your media device. The malware has the ability to overheat your phone in minutes, which may also lead explosion.

To avoid such threats from being installed on your phone, you should have a highly advanced and smarter antivirus in your android devices. Doesn’t matter which antivirus you use, just make sure that you install its updated version. Also ensure that your installed antivirus or the security software is capable of blocking malware from proxy websites as well.

To deal with this harmful online threat, AVG antivirus has come to the rescue. It is the most recommended antivirus to protect your Computers and Androids from such strong virus. Anti-Virus Guard that is abbreviated as AVG is currently available for all the platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Android. It safeguards your personal data and occupies less space in your device memory.

Since AVG Antivirus works in real-time security updates, it prevents your mobile device from threats that automatically get installed on your mobile devices when you toggle certain websites. AVG antivirus also restricts malicious downloads before they enter to your PC with an intention of damaging your files or personal data. To avoid this, you can also toggle off “Unknown sources” by changing your Android’s default security settings.

AVG Antivirus-Help Desk

With the continuous monitoring or tracking option available in the AVG, you can check out its performance statistics to understand how it actually works. In addition, the statistics also depicts how much progress the antivirus has made since its installation. The best part of the AVG Antivirus is that its functionality (continuous scanning in the background) doesn’t affect your device’s performance by slowing it down.

It also works well even when your mobile has low internal storage as the antivirus doesn’t consume much of the RAM. Moreover, users can avail all of the basic AVG Antivirus services for one year without paying even a single penny. The antivirus performs multiple actions like: anti-spam, firewall and provides email protection, web browsing protection, and protection for your visual, textual and other data and identity against theft online.

AVG comes with multiple user benefits

AVG comes with some of the exceptional features, including PC tune-up, drive encryption, and the advanced cloud-based security. In addition, it is also compatible with Windows 10, which further makes it a preferred choice of the customers.

A user will be notified of all the latest real-time updates on-demand and on-access scheduled security to protect their systems and devices against threats such as spyware, rootkits or other malicious links.

To begin advanced or endpoint protection of your device from Loapi malware, all you need to do is install the AVG antivirus application to your device. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play store
  2. Search for the AVG antivirus
  3. Tap the install button and wait until the download and installation finishes!

If you are already using an AVG antivirus on your mobile device, it is important to check regularly for the new updates. In case you are not using AVG, your mobile device might may get vulnerable to the following:

  • Crypto currency mining
  • Originating DDoS attacks
  • Spams with loop popups
  • Continually closing settings that disable users to deactivate admin privileges.

Also remember that the Loapi is highly offensive when it comes to self-security as it aggressively attacks back to many attempts to dismiss device manager permissions including receiving a list of apps that endangers the malware. So, better you get the undated version of AVG antivirus installed in your Android, macOS, and Windows.

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